Alliance Staff

Staff Directory

  • Susan Tancock

    Co-Director of the Alliance for Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation

    Dr. Susan Tancock is a Professor and Assistant Chair in the Department of Elementary Education, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate literacy methods courses.  Susan earned her Ph.D. at The Ohio State University and served as a Reading Recovery and Title 1 teacher early in her career.  These experiences allowed her to gain foundational knowledge in working with children from low-income families. In her work with the Schools Within the Context of Community program, she facilitates culturally-relevant literacy experiences for undergraduate students as they work in school, after-school, and in community-engaged activities. Susan is committed to finding ways to better prepare preservice teachers to serve racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse students and to address issues of equity in today’s schools.

  • Eva Zygmunt

    Co-Director of the Alliance for Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation

    Dr. Eva Zygmunt is a professor of Early Childhood Education in the Department of Elementary Education at Ball State University. Her research interests relate to education for social justice, culturally relevant pedagogy, family and community relations, poverty, and community-engaged teacher education. Along with colleagues and members of the community, Eva co-founded the Schools Within the Context of Community immersive learning program, which she currently directs. Eva is co-author of the published book Transforming Teacher Education for Social Justice.
  • J.C. Ausmus

    Graduate Assistant

    J.C. is the Graduate Assistant for the Alliance of Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation and the Schools within the Context of Community program housed within the Department of Elementary Education at Ball State University. She is currently pursuing graduate degrees in both Sport & Exercise Psychology (M.S.) and Clinical Mental Health Counseling (M.A.) at Ball State. Her primary research interests are social media’s psychological impact on athletes, disordered eating behaviors in athletes, and the psychological impact of social justice movements via social media. J.C. is a 2016 graduate of the University of Kentucky and holds a bachelor’s degree in English (focused in Creative Writing) and Psychology.